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“Many Buyers do not realize that the Seller pays the commission for the Buyer’s agent.  It is in a Buyer’s best interest to have Buyer Agent representation because buyers can easily be taken advantage of during the buying process.  Real estate is a matter of law and all buyers should have protective representation.” – Kevin White

Why buy today?

It’s simple. When the market offers you lower interest rates it increases your qualifed price range due to lower monthly mortgage payments. As we see steadily rising interest rates, which are projected to potentially reach 4.5% in 2016/2017, the size and quality of your choices will begin to diminish. Buying a condo in today’s market allows you to take advantage of today’s low interest rates and maximize your investment. Do not miss this opportunity to own your luxury condo or townhome for less monthly!

CLICK HERE for a recent New York Times article- Fed Sends New Signals It’s On Track To Raise Interest Rates in December

When interest rates increase by 1% it reduces a buyer’s purchasing power by approximately 11%.So, if your qualified price range today is $600,000 and interest rates increase 1% prior to your purchase then your approximate qualified price range would then be $534,000- a$66,000 difference!  See the graph below for a clear example of how even a small .125% increase in mortgage rates will impact your price range.  Graph courtesy of The Mortgage Reports



Why is having a condo and townhome expert by my side important in today’s real estate market?

Buying a condo or townhome for many can be a world filled with questions. CONDO ELITE works on your behalf to provide guidance and protect you as a buyer in today’s condo and townhome market. Many do not understand all of the questions and considerations that come into play when selecting the perfect condo or townhome. We work hard to make sure that you not only understand condo and townhome ownership, you truly enjoy the condo or townhome you have chosen to call home.

A few examples of condo buyer questions we will guide you through are listed below:

  • What is a Condo Association Fee and why is it a monthly charge?
  • What is the difference between condo ownership and fee simple townhome ownership?
  • What is an Assessment and why should I be concerned if there are pending Assessments?
  • Is there an initiation fee or transfer fee when buying a condo or townhome and if so, who pays it?
  • What does a solvent Condo Association mean?
  • What is an investor cap on condo communities?
  • What are home owner association rules and regulations documents and how do they protect me as an owner?
  • Does it take longer to close on a condo as opposed to a single family home?
  • Is condo living right for me?

You can rest assured because you are in Expert hands.

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