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“Take advantage of the Atlanta Metro area’s complete lack of inventory to maximize your profit margins today! Scarcity, Demand and Affordability are not a combination that will last forever. Use those factors to your advantage. We will show you how it can benefit you.”  – Kevin White

CLICK HERE for a recent New York Times article- Fed Sends New Signals It’s On Track To Raise Interest Rates in December

This graph courtesy of The Mortgage Reports demonstrates how a mere .125% increase in rates impacts a buyer’s price range:



Why sell now?

It’s as simple as supply and demand. Today’s condo and townhome market is experiencing a shortage of quality, luxury condo and townhome availability while buyers are still receiving some of the best interest rates in history.

What do lower interest rates and a shortage of quality luxury inventory mean to me as a seller?

It means that today’s buyers can afford higher price points. The lower interest rates make the appreciating prices resulting from the shortage of luxury inventory more affordable. As we see projections of future interest rates rising as high as 4.5% for 2016/2017, the number of buyers who can afford the appreciating prices will begin to reduce.

How could apartments converting to condos or townhomes in the near future impact me as a seller?

This will be a reality very soon. You see, supply and demand comes into play. Apartments converting to condos will add hundreds of buyer options into the market. Have you noticed all of the new apartments throughout the city? The more apartments that open, the more diluted the rents will start to become overtime due to competition. Therefore, the next best way to make money as interest rates start to climb in 2017, will be to convert some of those towers to condos to have the best chance at selling out quickly. Higher interest rates will reduce the number of buyers that can afford those new converted condos. This is on any developers’ radar and if not, it should be. The resale condos that have been seeing large amounts of appreciation are suddenly not the buyers’ only options and those options are brand new or newer construction. In short, to maximize your return on your investment the time to sell is today.  As I stated above, currently appreciating prices, a shortage of luxury condos and today’s interest rates create the “perfect storm” for today’s condo and townhome sellers in the Metro-Atlanta area. I will be happy to explain in more detail during our first meeting. I encourage you to consider your options now for best results. Savvy sellers need to stay in tune with the market or hire an expert that has continuously done so.

The CONDO ELITE difference

CONDO ELITE takes pride in the expert knowledge of almost two decades of connecting buyers with sellers.  CONDO ELITE focuses on an aggressive sales approach to getting your condo or townhome sold.  We do not simply list your condo or townhome into the MLS system, print flyers and send email blasts.  We use expeditious techniques to locate the buyers for your condo or townhome.  We do not wait for the buyers…we go out and find them.

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