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Where to start!!! We interviewed Kevin along with a few other realtors when we first started looking for a house one random summer weekend. Once we met Kevin, we knew right away he was the one! Although we had called him to see one particular house we’d found, when that house ended up being TERRIBLE, he had a couple of other options in his back pocket that he’d picked out that he thought we might like, and that we went to see that same day. Although his back up options didn’t end up being “the one,” they ended up being EXACTLY the kind of place we were looking for. We then ended up looking at houses on and off for a few months. My fiance and I both travel for work and work long hours. Kevin was VERY low pressure and accommodating, sending periodic little updates, or waiting until we sent him something we wanted to look at to ramp the search back up again. When we finally settled on a house and made our very first offer, Kevin helped us win a bidding war with a reasonable offer, hooked us up with an amazing mortgage lender and home inspector, and helped make the entire negotiation process with the Seller and Seller’s agent go smoothly and amiably. Everyone was very satisfied at closing, in no small part to Kevin’s great work.

The bottom line is: Kevin will answer any question you have, talk out any hiccup or disagreement during the process, find out for you anything that he doesn’t already know (and he already knows a lot!), adjust the search as your needs change, and be responsive at nearly any time of day. He is the king of great service. Expect to laugh a lot and see lots of good options when you tour the town with Kevin. There are so many good things we could mention, we literally may have to amend this review later to cover things we left out. Oh, and we love our house. 🙂

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